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The Instruction for the voltage transformer VPT 100

The connection of the regulating source and transformer VPT 100 is done according to the following diagram:

VPT 100

We insert interconnection in the side-wall of regulator REG 100 or we connect the end switcher of the inlet door of the area of high voltage.

We interconnect the cable leading from transformer and the regulator (non-typical socket of 380V). We make earthling of transformer (there is earthling connector M8 on the skeleton of instrument). We connect the outlet of high voltage with the tested object. We connect the ending of the lead-in wire in the socket of AC 220V.

Description of handling
We switch on the supply from the source of 220V with the switch “Main switch”. We turn the button of regulator at the value of “0”. We switch on the green button “START”. The signal red bulb will switch on. The red bulb informs the personnel about the state under the voltage. We turn continuously the button of regulator to the right and we increase the voltage on the output of transformer until we reach the required level. During this process we can see on the panels of instrumentscurrent demand and the level of exciting voltage. When we overstep the current 14A (it is 3kVA) the protection A15 starts and disconnects transformer from the excitement within the moment. (The red bulb will switch off.) For the restarting of the function it is necessary to turn the regulator button to the value of “0” and to push the button “START”. The red button “STOP” is for the disconnection of the source of excitement. After fi nishing the operation of the instrument we recommend to switch “Main switch” off, to turn the button of regulator to the value of “0” a to earth the high voltage outlet of transformer.

Safety of work
The instrument can be operated only by the person that fulfi lls the rules of regulation 50/1978. At the same time this person must follow the instructions for the work in the testing laboratories of high voltage.

VPT 100