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The Instruction for voltage transformers VPPT 38.2

The appliance transformer VPPT 38.2 shall be installed in the position with its epoxide body above the metal foundation sections. The transformers are fixed with four screws M12 by the holes in the foundational sections. We recommend connecting of HV on the primary side by means of cable lugs of a diameter of 10 mm and screws M10 of a max. tightening torque of 20 Nm. In case of a shut-down we recommend cleaning of the transformers from rough dirt and tighten the joints.

Before putting the transformer into operation it is necessary to earth the metal sections of the transformer (earth screw M8x15 with a max. tightening torque of 10 Nm).

Earthing of secondary outputs is done by means of screws M5x10 and jumpers, which are included in the delivery of every transformer. Connection to the secondary leads is provided by means of cable lugs (for the 10mm2 wire, they are included in the accessories). An example of installation is in Fig.1.

The secondary terminal block is fitted with a water-resistant IP 65 cover with a sealing screw and water-resistant bushing Pg21 for connection of secondary conductors.

All components of the primary winding of appliance transformers VPPT, including terminals, are insulated from the earth. Insulation is dimensioned for the level of test voltages according to the corresponding rated voltage.

During the operation, one of the secondary terminals must be earthed (this does not apply to so-called V-connection).

Note: The described connections are recommended by the manufacturer to be used only where the professional project engineer does not specify otherwise.

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