Vehicle charging station


The Slim charging station contains two equivalent, separate charging points with a fixed base. The outer cover of the charging station is made of sheet steel or aluminium with a powder-coated finish that provides protection from the environment. The front cover is made of printed, tempered glass and is illuminated with an LED strip.

The charging station is manufactured with IP 54 protection, which means that the device is sufficiently protected against electric shock and is suitable for outdoor use.

The Slim charging station has an optical display of operating and fault conditions.



The Slim charging station is designed for charging electric car batteries with alternating current. It is recommended to place them in residential housing, public parking houses, public and company car parks and they are also suitable for outdoor parking. They come supplied with cables, sockets or a combination of both. The Slim charging station features a power to ride (P2R) back-end that offers station owners and operators a friendly and simple environment for managing and controlling charging stations. The P2R backend system is used in both public charging environments, aswell as in homes and other private buildings, where it provides communication between the charging station and smart homes, especially when regulating charging power or using energy from a photovoltaic power plant. It is suitable for all brands and types of electric vehicles.


• Two independent charging points with a maximum output of 2x22kW

• Optional dynamic control of charging current

• P2R or OCPP1.6JSON software

• Measure consumption and store charging history

• Simple and fast charging operation via an RFID reader

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  • Total power input: 44,5 kW
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Protection: IP 54
  • Dimensions in mm (w×h×d): 1200×360×180 (bez kabelů)
  • Design: stand
  • Material: Sheetsteel/aluminium, temperedglass
  • Connection conditions: 3f AC 400 V 50–60hz TN-S
  • Type of charging cable: IEC 62196-2 CCS, Type 2
  • Data connection: LAN/GPRS/3G/4G modem
  • Optical signalling of operating conditions: YES
  • Power regulation: YES
  • Consumption measuring: YES
  • Remote control of fault conditions: : YES
  • Remote energency shutdown: YES
  • Controls: Direct/RFID/QRcode/P2R/mobile application
  • Power control: automatic
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +50 °C
  • Noise: <10dB
  • Charging current: 6–32 A/charging point
  • Rated voltage: 380–415 V AC
  • Frequency: 50–60 Hz
  • Maximum output power: 22 kW/charging point
  • Surge protection: YES
  • Electric meter: YES
  • Info display: by type
  • Status indication: Aktive RGB LED/10“HD HDMI TFT
  • Recharge history view: YES
  • Charging cable length: 4.8m, spiral or direct
  • Thermostat with 15 W body: YES
  • RFID reader: YES