Electric car charging stations

Our AC/DC charging stations with the power2ride control system have been designed for private and corporate garage parking spaces, for commercial use in public parking lots, as well as for non-commercial use, e.g. by municipalities and public service institutions.

Charging Without Compromise

  • Expertise and a specialized team in the field of electric vehicle charging. Implementation of projects with renowned partners.
  • A broad portfolio of products and services that includes manufacturing of HV stations, installation, activation, inspection, network management, consulting, service, and customer support.
  • Testing, certification, and warranties on all equipment and components help us achieve the highest level of quality and reliability.
  • Favorable financial terms and services position us among the leading economically strong entities in the segment. Our charging station solutions effectively reduce long-term costs associated with charging and operating electric vehicles.
  • KPB Intra closely develops cooperation with Samsung Nordic, contributing to the support of the construction of the charging station network.

We provide comprehensive solutions

We manufacture charging stations
We develop software and provide consultancy
We manage and regulate charging stations
We arrange subsidies for you

Completed projects

Our Network of Charging Stations

KPB Intra Ltd. builds and operates its own network of charging stations. If you want to become a member of the EV family Intracharge, contribute to the improvement of the environment and sustainability in the Czech Republic, join us easily and quickly with our charging station to the Intracharge.cz network, and start generating profit from charging electric vehicles.

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