Vehicle charging station

EVB Power DC

The EVB Power DC charging station contains 1 to 3 equivalent, separate charging points, mounted on a fixed base. The outer cover of the charging station is made of aluminium sheet with a powder-coated finish that provides protection from environmental influences. The front cover is made of printed tempered glass and is illuminated with a LED strip.

The charging station is manufactured with IP 54 protection, which means that the device is sufficiently protected against electric shock and is suitable for outdoor use.

The EVB Power DC charging station has a visual indication of operating and fault conditions.



The EVB Power DC charging station is designed for charging electric vehicle batteries with AC and DC (AC/DC) current. The station is designed for commercial use, and their placement is recommended at gas stations, public and corporate parking lots and shopping centre car parks. They are also suitable for outdoor parking. They are supplied with cables, sockets or a combination of both. The charging station is equipped with a back-end power to ride (P2R) system, including OCPP-1.6 JSON, which offers owners and operators a friendly and simple environment for managing and controlling charging stations. High performance, short charging times and variable outputs ensure maximum efficiency and customer convenience. It is suitable for all brands and types of electric vehicles.


• Up to 3 independent charging point

• Dynamic charging current control option

• P2R or OCPP 1.6 JSON software

• Measurement of consumption and storage of charging history

• Simple and fast charging operation via QR code or RFID reader or display

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  • Total power input: 250
  • Weight: up to 800 kg
  • Protection rating IP/IK: 54/10
  • Dimensions in mm (w×h×d): 600/2000/800
  • Material: aluminium
  • Voltage (V): 230/400, 50–500 VDC
  • Power cable cross section: 35–240 mrn2
  • Type of power supply: 3xL+N+PE
  • Type of network: TN-s, TNC-S, TT
  • Rated voltage (V): ±10 % 400 V
  • Rated frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Impulse withstand voltage (kV): 8
  • Rated charging point current (A) DC: až 150
  • Rated charging point power (kW) DC: až 150
  • Rated charging point current (A) AC : až 32
  • Rated charging point power (kW) AC: až 22
  • Noise: <45
  • Socket type: Typ-2
  • Plug type: CCS-2, CHAdeMO, Typ-2, Typ-l